yellow flower

Yellow Flower

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest unbroken beach. It is also a favorite tourist destination for the country people. Although being a favorite tourist spot this beach is largely visited from various parts of the country and remains one of the major attractions for holiday. Being grown up in Chittagong, which is near Cox’sbazar, I had travelled that place so many times and I am so much fascinated to see people how they react to this sea beach when they visit this place and confront the sea.

Most interestingly what i found out from the locals that this place was once called “Panowa”, whose literal translation means, “Yellow flower.” That name struck in my head and that was the beginning of this project. Yellow Flower actually symbolizes love, joy and happiness. With this keep in my head I started the project. While doing this, I had always driven by the instinct rather than the fact. There is some kind of warmth, affection and madness in that salted air. Those made this place a famous honeymoon spot of the country. Lots of lovebirds are visiting cox’sbazar each day. People who are newly wed, Couples who are enjoying an escapade from their busy life in the beach.

This place preserving love and relation between the people and the landscape of the beach from very long time. In this project I simply bring out people’s fantasy of visiting cox’sbazar with their partners and he tried to portray them in an intimate way. I had photographed people from different classes to show how this place has a personal relationship with people from different social standard and which is in the same psychological level. Everyone behaved like as free as they feel. They were so lively when they were on the beach. Everything seems so fair and playful.